Creative Ideas

Lighting is a design activity, like engineering or architecture where science and art are combined. In interior lighting, many roles overlap, the science and engineering aspects include mechanical, electrical and HVAC and the art and design most notably in the architecture and interior design. Interior lighting is compelled to achieve standards applied in AS/NZS 1680. But these are not wholly prescriptive and allow for the designer to achieve acceptable results through many approaches.

Expert Designer

To be a really good designer, we must acknowledge the whole subject and its context, complete rigorous task analysis and design the lighting too specifically to suit each project.

Post Occupation Evaluation Services

One of the areas underutilized by modern architects and designers is in the area of Post Occupation Evaluation. Convincing companies and organizations to commit to POE’s after a job has been signed off can be a daunting task because there is a general malaise around the office and a feeling that all the hard work has been done. Most practitioners have “shut the book” and moved onto other projects.

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.
Why use a lighting designer?

anybody can cook an egg, but not everybody is a Chef…, lighting designers can certainly do lighting layout and calculation, but why use them?

They listen and search for that conductor called a CONCEPT… Which ties all the work of the creative team together, translate this into a lighting program that stimulates different emotions, and believe it or not achieved the required lumens on the task.

The real problem is the MONEY….there is not enough for everyone and lighting designers are easy to discard…unfortunately, there a lots of cooks in engineer office…bon appetit…

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