Light Bureau was formed to develop and promote an inclusive dialogue on light. Planning the role light plays in enriching environments, whether it is for work or leisure, safety or security, in private or public spaces.

Light has the enormous potential to invigorate spaces, improving productivity, enjoyment and the enhancement of lives. When lighting design is allowed to flex the existing model of planning structures and is given the opportunity to be more than just, “lights for seeing”, then perception of space becomes a key driver in design and implementation, achieving outcomes that are far superior to ones produced under rigid engineering models.

The consultancy strives to fulfill the three most distinct design functions for light:

  • Comfort: or the fulfillment of the needs of seeing.
  • Character: developing the feeling or themes of the space, and
  • Emphasis: the organization of visual design.

We work inclusively with clients, architects, engineers and designers to distill the qualities of the project, identifying opportunities for lighting design, short circuiting illumination deficiencies, (before implementation), and provide solutions that supplement the integrity of design within the parameters of building codes or standards and within budget.

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